Slides from a short Powerpoint deck titled "Does It Matter How
Many Prisoners Are Disabled?", which used a lot of Gazelle screen
shots, are available
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To the left is shown the famed S-
or sigmoid curve. In its simplest
form the equation is
The GAZELLE application, one
of thirty in our DEEDS ABIDE
suite, makes heavy use of higher
order sigmoid curves. The bulk
of the Gazelle forms were
written during 22 hours at the
Intel Atom Coding Contest in
San Francisco September 15-16
WITHOUT much caffeine. No
sleep, some cold water and
Mozart piano sonatas. Next
sample Gazelle screen shot.
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Fans of trigonometry will note a
similarity to the arctangent and
the hyperbolic arctangent. There
are also algebraic curves like
A gallery of screenshots of the Gazelle application forms more or
less in the order written are available.
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To skip over lots of information about California's wretched
financial situation and go straight to education plans, tests and
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