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Our attempt to fill the temporary vacuum left by the demise of The News of The World.  

Some recent quotes from an Yahoo! News article

The United Kingdom was rattled on Thursday by an earthquake in the English Channel --
the largest in the region in more than 300 years. The British Geological Survey registered
the Thursday morning quake at 3.9

USGS gives BGS as the source and provides an epicenter of 50.122°N  0.743°W with a
questionable depth estimated at 10 km and an event time of 6:59:10 UTC.

This earthquake was the largest in this particular area -- in the English Channel--since a
4.5 magnitude quake struck in 1734.

The last earthquake to strike England and was felt occurred in January 2011 -- a 3.6
magnitude quake that was centered northwest of Ripon, North Yorkshire

Normally, except for swarms of hundreds or thousands of Richter 1 and Richter 2
earthquakes indicating magma movement and serving as warning to a volcanic eruption, we
would pay zero attention to earthquakes below Richter 4.8. However, given the horrific
consequences of an admittedly improbable major earthquake in or near the English
Channel we do have an interest in events, especially marine events, in the area. We are NOT
worried about the Chunnel, but rather
seaports and especially the French atomic reactors.
The seismic history of the Channel areas is a great deal more complex than suggested.