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Friday, February 25, 2011 6:09 PM
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To: "drgeorgepc" <>
Re: Chile
EasternMed-o-philes think alike:

One question I would like to pose at the upcoming Arab League Summit
(assuming it is held) is suppose there is another major Eastern Mediterranean
seismic event with tsunamis. In the past Alexandria has been just pulverized
several times. There are at least four problems that leaders in the area should
be very concerned about

1. with conventional sensors and without methane bubble detection networks
the amount of warning is probably useless because the waves are too fast and
the distances are too short

2. there are a lot more of us humans. we like living on coasts.

3. very few countries have enough doctors. Not only must one try and treat
thousands of injured people immediately (assuming search teams can find
them) but then there are longer term problems like cholera and typhoid. If
Tunisia asked for more doctors there (a) have to be working hospitals (b) and
airports and planes to get them into the country (c) it is likely Libya and
Egypt and others would be keeping their doctors home as they would need
them. Note that one need not have a seismic event. Any decently lethal
pandemic will do

4. Even if Suez survives (which I doubt) how soon will ports be once again
capable of handling container ships or even ROROs. Months. So that means
airlifting in supplies and water and food and medicine. There's one country
that has that capacity. For maybe one city.