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Give or take a zero here or there, there are quite a number of similarities between California and
Sudan. That's not promising because back in 2003 we forecast that if the then twenty-year civil war
did not end shortly there would be no possibility of any of the three regions (the west, known as
Darfur, the south and the north) surviving. Unfortunately, we could find no strategy that salvaged
the west and the north even if the south managed a relatively peaceful separation. That has very
negative consequences for Egypt, Chad and Ethiopia, among others. That's all in the future and very
far away. Here and now, Californians cannot fight Californians. Of that we are certain.
The Golden State's shortages of doctors and nurses vary by region, but it is safe to say our state does
not have enough medical professionals for day to day activities, let alone if a mega-disaster strikes.
Even though California has been successful at harvesting the fruit of other societies, doctors, saints,
Nobel laureates and old-fashioned good citizens do not grow like weeds. Rather, they are produced
on tended trees at great cost through a uniquely human process called education. It hardly matters
if one prefers to measure the production of farmers and firefighters instead of physicians and
prisoners. The report card does not have good grades. And that matters. A great deal.