I-MAG STS    Corporation
The nations of Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, France and Germany have
designed and built magnetically levitated super trains. The citizens and visionary
leaders of those countries should all be proud of completing some of the most
complex and demanding engineering in history.

If, for example,  in the future the United States of America and Canada wanted
to jointly build a Super Train System from  Montreal past the Military Academy
at West Point and on to New York City,  I-MAG STS could calculate the
geologically safest route, determine the optimal locations and sizes for supurbs,
and predict the impact on employment, education, medical care and commerce.

Instead of a national or sub-country census every ten years, I-MAG STS
emphasizes comprehensive systems that capture data in real-time for each
individual person and facility.
Who We Are

I-MAG STS is composed of
licensed civil and structural
engineers, computer hardware
and software experts, retired
military officers,
mathematicians, geologists,
specialists in epidemiology and
tropical medicine, economists,  
and executives from the banking
and shipping industries.